Puppy Questionnaire



Samoyeds are wonderful additions to a family; they will provide a lifetime of companionship and love for the right owners.  This breed has unique characteristics and habits.  As a responsible breeder, it is important that I do my best to ensure that the needs of my Samoyeds are met and that I do my best to place the right puppy in the home that is most suited to his/her individual characteristics and needs.


Please take a few moments to respond to these questions, as they will serve as a starting point for discussion.





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1.             Have you owned or spent time with a Samoyed before?  When?

2.             Are you aware of the grooming and shedding that comes with owning a Samoyed?

3.             What other dogs have you had in the past?

a.    Do you still have those dogs?

b.    If not, what happened to the dog/s?

4.             What other pets live in your household? (birds, rabbits, cats, ferrets, etc.)

5.             Are your pets trained to use a crate or kennel?`

a.    Are you willing to train a puppy to use a crate?

6.             Do you have a yard for a dog to exercise?

a.    Is the yard fully fenced?  Is a portion of your yard fenced?  Do you have a kennel run?  If you do not, would you consider one of these options?

b.    How would your neighbors react to barking dogs?

7.             Do you own or rent?  If renting, are pets allowed?  If you live in a town home are you aware of the weight limits set by your association?

8.             Do you anticipate that your new puppy would mostly live indoors or outdoors?

9.             Do you travel a lot?

a.    What arrangements would you make for a pet when you travel?  (We will be available to puppy sit)

10.          Do you have small children living with you, or visiting frequently?

11.          Is your family very active outside the home?

12.          Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs?

13.          Would you be willing to take your pet to a basic obedience course and/or puppy kindergarten class in your community?

14.          Are you in favor of spaying or neutering at an appropriate age?

15.          Are you willing to allow Tundra Ice Samoyeds to visit your home prior to purchasing the puppy?

16.          What other, if any, family members are in your household? 

a.    Are they in favor of a puppy?

b.    Who will be primarily responsible for the care of your puppy?

17.          What are characteristics of a dog that you would like to see in your home?


Please list 2-3 friends or professional references that are familiar with you and the way you care (or would care, if this is your first dog.  Remember that we will be available to assist you at any time and will respond to any questions you have throughout the lifetime of your puppy) for your animals: 


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Adapted from the Kenosha Samoyeds Puppy Questionnaire